Japan court orders government to pay harms for constrained cleansings under now-outdated genetic counseling regulation

In a landmark decision, Japan’s Supreme Court has ordered the government to pay damages to people who were forcibly sterilized under a now-defunct eugenics law, ruling the practice was unconstitutional and had violated their rights.온라인카지노

The Eugenic Protection Law, in place from 1948 to 1996, allowed authorities to forcibly sterilize people with disabilities, including those with mental disorders, hereditary diseases or physical deformities, and leprosy. It also allowed forced abortions if either parent had those conditions.안전놀이터

The law had aimed to “prevent the increase of the inferior descendants from the eugenic point of view and to protect the life and health of the mother as well,” according to a copy of the law – which listed “remarkable abnormal sexual desire” and “remarkable clinical inclination” among the conditions targeted.신규사이트

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