2NE1’s Park Bom Sparks Fans’ Concerns Following Drastic Weight Gain

Park Bom (박봄) as of late drew lots of responses via online entertainment following her latest appearance at a show in the Philippines. The independent artist went to the “2022 Popstival” in the city of Manila prior on Friday (21st October). She played out a line of her hit melodies including “Fire”, “Spring” and furthermore “You and I”.

As found in a viral TikTok cut taken from the presentation, the 38-year-old star wore a dark dress, with negligible pearl jewelry assistant to praise her looks. However fans were euphoric to see Park Bom performing live on the stage, many couldn’t resist the opportunity to communicate their anxiety for her wellbeing. 메이저사이트 바카라

Specifically, it tends to be seen that Park Bom has acquired a considerable amount of weight (because of her enlarged appearance), which was an extraordinary change from her appearance in broad daylight last year. Back in January 2021, the previous 2NE1 part uncovered that she lost 11 kgs from being 70kg after she did the well known Juvis diet.

Therefore, many fans show worries for Park Bom’s ongoing prosperity. Some even guaranteed that the “I Couldn’t care less” vocalist might be confronting medical problems. Be that as it may, her office quickly concocted a proclamation to expose the claims. They explained, “Everything is good to go with Park Bom’s wellbeing. Right now, she is routinely practicing and eating less junk food. It depends on her choice.” 바카라사이트 슬롯게임

As referenced before, Park Bom stood out as truly newsworthy after she figured out how to shed north of 24 pounds a year ago. She remarked, “I struggled with eating fewer carbs as a result of ADD (a lack of ability to concentrate consistently jumble) treatment, yet getting thinner is great. I’ve been shedding pounds and diminishing my meds, and I’m getting better.”

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