All That Bling! Blackpink’s Lisa To Attend High-Profile Jewellery Event Alongside Anne Hathaway And Zendaya

Blackpink’s lisa to go to high-profile adornments occasion close by anne hathaway and zendaya
Flickers, Lisa is set for make significant power moves! The Blackpink young ladies are not unwilling to spreading the word. So when a high-profile occasion manifests in Italy, you smartest option our silly Lisa is good to go to swagger her direction to the air terminal. That too close by Anne Hathaway and Zendaya.

Lisa to go to BVLGARI occasion
Lisa is by all accounts booked and occupied right now, as the vocalist was as of late affirmed to fly down to Italy for a high-profile gems occasion. As a component of her organization with very good quality extravagance brand BVLGARI, the diva will go to the ‘Mediterranean’ High Gems Assortment Send off Occasion on May 17. What’s more, indeed, the list of attendees is by all accounts very loaded with Superstars! 메이저사이트 바카라

BVLGARI occasion’s list of attendees
Aside from Lisa, probably the greatest names associated with the brand will check their participation at the extravagance occasion. From Anne Hathaway to Zendaya, appears as though Lisa is going to have probably the most popular communications. Lift your hands in the event that you as of now can hardly stand by! 바카라사이트

Concerning the actual occasion, BVLGARI has even leased the Palazzo Ducale castle for parties and limited time shows for the occasion. Discuss – Prominent!

On the work front, Lisa is right now on a world visit with the remainder of her Blackpink individuals. As a matter of fact, she was as of late spotted traveling at Dubai air terminal in the wake of completing the gathering’s show in Singapore to go to Italy obviously.

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