An investigate the long history of the Israeli-Palestinian struggle

While Malcolm X stood up on the side of Middle Easterners in Palestine and considered Israeli Zionism “another type of expansionism,” we couldn’t find proof of him expressing the above quote.

In late 2023, as the Israel-Hamas struggle heightened and Israel besieged Gaza, numerous online started to share a statement purportedly by U.S. Social equality pioneer Malcolm X, trying to associate the Dark freedom development of the twentieth hundred years to the Palestinian battle.

As per various posts and an article in way of life magazine GQ Center East, Malcolm X purportedly said the Palestinian battle is “in addition to a weep for equity. It’s a rankling fight for the most major basic freedoms that each living soul on this planet ought to acquire by inheritance. It’s an enduring opposition against the harsh choking out hold of occupation and the hard disavowal of the most essential human respect. Similarly as the social liberties development in the US battled against the chains of racial segregation, so too do the Palestinian public.” 온라인카지노 안전놀이터 신규사이트

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