Ana De Armas Rescues Chris Evans After Romantic Gesture Goes Awry In ‘Ghosted’ Trailer

Chris Evans and Ana de Armas are back in real life.

Four years after co-featuring in the 2019 homicide secret “Blades Out,” the entertainers have joined back up in the Apple TV+ film “Ghosted,” where they need to resolve their method of a heartfelt signal turned out badly.

The trailer for “Ghosted” dropped on Monday and shows Evans and de Armas’ underlying meet-charming, prompting what has all the earmarks of being a confident first date. 메이저사이트 바카라

“I know this sounds insane however I figure she may be the one,” Evans tells a companion in the trailer.

That trust misfires once Evans grapples with the likelihood that he’s been ghosted, a term used to depict a situation wherein an individual removes correspondence with no clarification.

Evans then winds up in London after a person, played by Amy Sedaris, urges him to “go to her.”

Once abroad, Evans learns his beauty queen’s life is surprisingly muddled. In the wake of getting hijacked and thusly protected by de Armas, she uncovers she’s with the CIA. Confusion results as the couple is seen leaping out of a plane, crossing what resembles a remote location and avoiding disasters while cleaned up like a pro. 바카라사이트

“You got me captured and tormented all after one date,” Evans tells de Armas.

“You’re the person who traveled to London,” de Armas answers.

De Armas has been occupied of late. The “Blonde” entertainer was selected for her most memorable best entertainer Oscar for her part in the Marilyn Monroe biopic that began gushing on Netflix last year. Evans’ latest undertaking was the 2022 Netflix film “The Dim Man.”

“Ghosted” will be accessible to stream on Apple TV+ on April 20.

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