Are BTS’s V And Blackpink’s Jennie Dating? The Pair Were Reportedly Spotted On A Date In Paris

BTS’s V and Blackpink’s Jennie Dating? The Pair Were Supposedly Spotted out on the town in Paris
Yet again tales that BTS’s V and Blackpink’s Jennie are dating have, hit a breaking point after the pair were supposedly spotted on what gave off an impression of being a date in Paris in a video presented on Twitter on May 17.

Hypothesis that the K-Pop icons are dating originally started off in May 2022 when claimed photographs of the pair hanging out on a few unique events spilled throughout the span of a couple of months. From that point forward, fans have been in a warmed discussion about whether the photographs were genuine or doctored by fans. All things considered, V and Jennie are two of the greatest names in K-Pop, and they wouldn’t be the primary symbols fans transported energetically together notwithstanding very little proof to back up their premonition.

While the V and Jennie dating bits of gossip subsided for quite a while, the pair’s latest claimed locating has re-provoked fan curiosity. Ahead, get a breakdown of V and Jennie’s reputed relationship up until this point. 메이저사이트 바카라

May 2022: First Detailed Photograph of Jennie and V Breaks
A photograph of V driving in a vehicle with somebody who seemed as though Jennie on Jeju Island arose on the web (through AllKPop). While certain fans accepted the picture was genuine, others were distrustful, figuring it might have been altered, particularly on the grounds that, up until that point, Jennie had been reputed to date another K-pop star, Huge explosion’s G-Mythical serpent.

As per Allkpop, a representative from the Korean carrier T’way Air professed to have seen the two on a trip to Jeju Island together that May. The distribution stated: “One worker of the Korean spending plan aircraft T’way composed on the ‘Blind’ application saying that they saw BTS’s V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie together. She likewise said that a considerable lot of the T’way representatives thought they were freely dating in light of the fact that the two were voyaging together in the open.” The specialist supposedly made the case on an informing application called Blind, which is utilized secretly by South Korean workers, as per Reuters.

Jennie’s office, YG Diversion, momentarily tended to the tales on May 23, 2022. “We don’t have anything to say [regarding this matter],” the organization said (by means of Soompi), adding, “We will illuminate you on the off chance that we have an alternate reaction to share.”

August-September 2022: More Detailed Photographs of V and Jennie Break
Throughout the following couple of months, more private photographs of Jennie and V hanging out on what seemed to be a few distinct events spilled. 바카라사이트

October 2022: YG Amusement Solicitations Examination Concerning Jennie’s Released Private Photographs
In October 2022, YG declared an examination concerning who was releasing Jennie’s photographs. “We have formally mentioned the police to research who previously circled Blackpink Jennie’s own photographs,” YG said in an explanation (by means of Drifter). “We have avoided referencing the matter or offering an authority expression to limit any further harm. Notwithstanding, there have been unpredictable tales, analysis, individual assaults, lewd behavior, and infringement of individual life started by those private photos,” the assertion proceeded. “We are presently declaring that we will make a legitimate move and right the circumstance.”

YG never explicitly tended to the claimed photographs of V and Jennie, so the warmed discussion encompassing whether they were genuine or doctored proceeded, as YG might have been referring to other protection breaks in their articulation.

May 2023: V and Jennie Apparently Spotted Together out on the town in Paris
The supposed couple went unnoticed for quite a long time until May 2023, when they were purportedly spotted going for a heartfelt walk in Paris in a video caught by a spectator from a good ways. While V and Jennie’s timetables really do affirm they were both in France at the hour of the walk (V for his Celine image ambassadorship and Jennie to advance “The Symbol” at the Cannes Film Celebration), the discussion encompassing whether the pair in the video was truly Jennie and V went on among fans. Be that as it may, other close-up photographs of V and Jennie with their chiefs wearing similar outfits apparently affirmed the couple in the video was, as a matter of fact, V and Jennie.

HYBE didn’t quickly answer POPSUGAR’s solicitation for input on the most recent reports, and reps for Jennie couldn’t be reached.

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