BLACKPINK ‘Shut Down’ Newark’s Prudential Center With ‘Born Pink’ Hits & Beloved K-Pop Classics

The last time BLACKPINK performed at Newark’s Prudential Center was under a very special set of circumstances — the K-pop group took the stage at the VMAs in August to perform their sizzling Born Pink hit “Pink Venom,” which also served as the group’s live debut of the track and their first time performing at an American awards show. Though the girl group — which consists of members Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa and Rosé — dominated at the show, they admitted during their Nov. 14 Born Pink tour stop at Prudential they were nervous to be back. Based on their performance, it was hard to believe. 메이저사이트 바카라

The moment the group’s iconic “BLACKPINK in your area” tag and establishing horns blared through speakers, Blinks knew exactly which track the quartet was opening with and buzzed with energy and excitement. The set kicked off with BLACKPINK’s personal statement, “How You Like That,” which saw the group expertly hit the song’s memorable choreography with the help from female backup dancers. The opening track served as BLACKPINK’s formal arrival, and concluded with larger than life stage fireworks — in pink, of course — and streamers as if to say “we’re here.”

The hits didn’t stop there — the first act of the concert catered to fans of their high-energy songs, from The Album‘s fan favorites “Pretty Savage” and “Lovesick Girls” to equally pumped up performances of “Don’t Know What To Do” from the Kill This Love EP and the group’s sizzling-yet-sparsely produced debut single “Whistle.” BLACKPINK continued to dabble in pyrotechnics during the show’s second and third acts, with more fireworks, and at times, actual fire onstage by the time “Kill This Love” and “Playing With Fire” rolled around in the setlist. Those were later followed by tracks “Pink Venom”, “Shut Down,” “DDU-DU DDU-DU” and “Typa Girl.”

Fans of BLACKPINK who have seen the group perform either in person or in video know that the girls divide their concert in half, with the second part featuring individual performances from each member of the group, and last night’s performance at the Prudential Center was no exception. 바카라사이트 슬롯게임

Jisoo was first up to the plate and performed a solo cover of Camila Cabello’s 2019 track “Liar,” a wonderful compliment to her unique vocal tone, while strutting down the runway stage and performing sultry dance moves with the help of the group’s background dancers. Jennie, who often performed her solo debut track “Solo” in previous BLACKPINK concerts, did not go for the obvious choice this time — instead she gave fans a taste of a potential new solo track (fans are calling “You & Me,” though it has no official title yet), which saw her perform equal parts intricate and elegant dance moves with a male dancer, and highlighted her magnetic energy. Rosé, meanwhile, had more than enough solo material to work with but went with Born Pink solo cut “Hard to Love” and R single “On the Ground.” Lisa provided a masterclass in dancing when it came time to perform her solo hits “Lalisa” and “Money,” which saw Blinks in the audience performing the tracks’ moves, sometimes as well as her backup dancers on stage.

One of the sweetest highlights of the show was during the encore. After a near-10-minute wait — which saw fans across the area leading “when I say black, you say pink” and “boombayah” chants to rile up the crowd — the girls came back looking cozy in sweatshirts, hoodies and tees from their merch line, and stripped back their larger-than-life stage personas to goof around and make un-choreographed dances and cute faces with each other while singing “Yeah Yeah Yeah.” Before ending the show, Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa and Rosé took a picture with the entire stadium, prompting the Blinks in attendance to wave their lightsticks and throw up K-pop finger hearts for the camera.

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