BTS’s J-Hope Ties Bandmate Suga For A Special Piece Of Hot 100 History

J-Hope is appreciating perhaps of the greatest week yet of his performance vocation, as his name shows up on both of Billboard’s two most significant diagrams. With a couple of new wins surprisingly, the BTS whiz climbs on a few all-time rankings, leaving a mark on the world and tying his bandmate simultaneously.

As his sophomore performance full-length project Jack in the Box opens at No. 17 on the Billboard 200 collections diagram, the set’s subsequent center track “Incendiarism” sneaks onto the Hot 100, appearing at No. 96. It remains generally extraordinary for any South Korean independent performer to come to the rundown of the 100 most-consumed tracks in the U.S., and up to this point, just a modest bunch have figured out how to raise a ruckus around town. J-Hope has showed up on the positioning previously, however he’s done so a few times. 메이저사이트 바카라

J-Hope broke boundaries in 2019 when he and Becky G sent their multi-lingual coordinated effort “Chicken Noodle Soup” to No. 81. It stays the BTS artist’s most elevated outlining hit, however he almost paired it recently. Not long before Jack in the Box showed up in full, J-Hope dropped the collection’s lead single “More,” which crested at No. 82 a brief time frame prior. Presently, “Illegal conflagration” turns two appearances to three, and keeping in mind that it very well might be his least positioning melody, it’s not the place that is not what makes the biggest difference in this occasion.

Three sections on the Hot 100 is a great and memorable number among his comrades chipping away at their own, and it demonstrates his power and notoriety again. As a matter of fact, just two different specialists from South Korea who discharge music as soloists have pushed no less than three tracks to the graph.

Jung Kook Ties Blackpink’s Lisa And CL For A Specific Hot 100 Chart. J-Hope is right now attached with individual BTS force to be reckoned with Suga, who has likewise graphed a triplet of tunes on the Hot 100, however he’s done as such under two distinct names. He previously hit the diagram in 2020 with “Daechwita” (No. 76), which he delivered as Agust D, a moniker he utilizes while delivering solo material (some of the time). He has additionally showed up on the count as Suga on Juice Wrld’s “Young lady of My Dreams” (No. 29) and recently close by Psy on “That That” (No. 80). 바카라사이트 슬롯사이트

The main South Korean soloist who has gathered more Hot 100 successes is Psy, who has now advanced toward the cutthroat rundown with five distinct tunes. In the wake of doing what many accepted for a moment that was unimaginable when he pushed his breakout crush “Gangnam Style” to No. 2 of every 2012, the spearheading ability got back to the program with “Respectable man” (No. 5), “Headache” with Snoop Dogg (No. 26), “Daddy” with CL (No. 97) and the previously mentioned “That That” with Suga (No. 80).

Taking a gander at the rundown of all South Korean melodic demonstrations and those that have arrived at the positioning most frequently, J-Hope sits in fourth spot (with Suga), arriving behind BTS (25), Blackpink (7), and Psy (5). Before this week, he was on similar level as individual K-pop stars CL, Lisa (of Blackpink acclaim), and another BTS entertainer, Jung Kook.

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