China’s Chang’e-6 test effectively arrives on far side of the moon

China’s Chang’e-6 lunar lander effectively landed on the furthest side of the moon Sunday early daytime Beijing time, in a huge step for the aggressive mission that could propel the country’s desires of putting space travelers on the moon.

The Chang’e-6 test arrived in the South Pole-Aitken Bowl, where it will start to gather tests from the lunar surface, the China Public Space Organization reported.온라인카지노

China’s most perplexing mechanical lunar undertaking to date, the uncrewed mission intends to return tests to Earth from the moon’s far side interestingly.안전놀이터

The arrival denotes the second time a mission has effectively arrived at the furthest side of the moon. China originally finished that noteworthy accomplishment in 2019 with its Chang’e-4 test.신규사이트

In the event that all goes as expected, the mission — which started on May 3 and is supposed to most recent 53 days — could be a critical achievement in China’s push to turn into a prevailing space power.

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