Exclusive Interview: Ji Chang Wook, Sooyoung, And Won Ji A Talk “Assuming You Wish Upon Me,” Future Drama Roles, Vacation Spots, And More

The primary cast individuals from “In the event that You Wish Upon Me” possess taken energy for an exceptional meeting with Soompi!

“Assuming You Wish Upon Me” is a show enlivened by a real association in the Netherlands that satisfies the desires of terminal malignant growth patients. Ji Chang Wook stars as Yoon Gyeo Re, a man who has been moved as far as possible by a troublesome life brimming with battles. Notwithstanding, when Yoon Gyeo Re ends up chipping in at a hospice, he finds his extraordinary unexpectedly while assisting with making the patients’ desires work out as expected. Young ladies’ Generation’s Sooyoung plays the hospice clinic’s medical caretaker Seo Yeon Joo, while Won Ji A plays Ha Jun Kyung, who becomes fixated on Yoon Gyeo Re after he loans her some assistance without precedent for her life. 메이저사이트 바카라

Ji Chang Wook: I thought, “I’ve for a long time needed to deal with a story like this. It’s a story I need to do.”

Sooyoung: I felt that it is a show with a truly endearing story. Albeit the show manages the subject of death, it centers around a warm and confident message as opposed to disquiet and haziness, so I felt that it would turn into an extraordinary dramatization.

Won Ji An: I felt that it is an exceptionally endearing and fascinating story. 슬롯사이트 룰렛

What were your initial feelings of one another, and how have they changed?

Ji Chang Wook: I’ve heard a ton of commendation about Choi Sooyoung from individuals around me. As a matter of fact gathering her face to face, she is cool and has a truly extraordinary character. She is likewise a great entertainer. Her acting, yet even her disposition on set causes her a partner that I to have a long way to go from. Concerning Won Ji An, I was dazzled when I saw her in the show “D.P.” face to face, she is affable and diligent on set. She has different qualities and charms as an entertainer.

Sooyoung: When I initially met Chang Wook, he appeared to be a piece bashful, however presently we are exceptionally close and OK with one another, and I have felt that he is somebody who is truly thoughtful and considers others. With respect to Ji An, she didn’t talk much from the beginning, yet the more I get to know her, I feel that she is a truly engaging individual.

Won Ji An: My initial feelings of them haven’t exactly changed! They are as yet sparkling.

Did you study or set anything up explicitly for this job?

Ji Chang Wook: Rather than contemplating, I arranged a ton for the actual person. I lost a ton of weight and placed a lot of thought into the styling and dress to mirror the normal style [of the role]. I likewise pondered the person’s feelings.

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