‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Actor Kang Tae Oh Stars In Viral Subway Commercial

Entertainer Kang Tae-gracious from the K-dramatization “Unprecedented Attorney Woo” has circulated around the web for a Subway business in which he expresses his notable line from the show.

Kang plays the paralegal Lee Jun-ho and fills in as the adoration interest inverse the show’s hero, Woo Young-charm. In one scene between the pair, Woo inquires as to whether she can contact him to affirm her sentiments about him.

Lee answers, “Do you need to contact me certainly? Then, at that point, does that mean your heart doesn’t pulsate quicker when we aren’t contacting? In any event, when we are together? How disheartening.” 바카라 슬롯 하는법

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“How frustrating” has turned into a staple line of the show. In Korean, the line is “sub han daeyo,” with “sub” meaning disheartening.

After the scene, many fans needed to see Kang team up with the sandwich establishment Subway. On Aug. 31, Subway transferred a short business on their YouTube channel featuring Kang as different characters, including Lee Jun Ho, who says his notable “How disheartening” line.

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In under a day, the video hit 200,000 perspectives. 슬롯게임 슬롯

“This is excellent acting in a business. Kang tae gracious should be in additional movies, he seems to be an alternate individual without fail!” the most-preferred remark peruses.

Another watcher remarked: ‘This Subway business is truly astonishing. The storyline is engaging and Tae Oh’s looks and face is comparably perfect. I can watch this over and over. Where does Kang Tae Oh’s appeal end … amazing… There isn’t anything he can’t do. Since he needs to go to the military, the fans are miserable, however be protected and we’ll be hanging tight for you to return.”

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