‘Freaky Friday’ Sequel In The Works With Lindsay Lohan, Jamie Lee Curtis

Disney is returning to the universe of Freaky Friday. A continuation is underway to the 2003 body-trade parody that featured Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis, The Hollywood Columnist has affirmed.

Lohan and Curtis are supposed to repeat their jobs as a mother and little girl who awaken one Friday and find they have traded bodies. Elyse Hollander is writing the content to the spin-off. 메이저사이트 바카라

Freaky Friday depended on Mary Rodgers’ 1972 novel, and netted $160 million internationally. Coordinated by Imprint Waters from a content by Heather Hach and Leslie, Dixon has stayed a social standard, with Curtis referring to it during public appearances throughout the long term. It has become inseparable from the body-trade sort, generating praises, for example, the Blumhouse thriller Freaky.

Curtis told the New York Times in a review on the 2003 film that she kept on getting inquiries concerning a Freaky Friday spin-off while advancing her 2022 thriller, Halloween Finishes.

“Something truly contacted a harmony. At the point when I returned, I called my companions at Disney and said, ‘It seems like there’s a film to be made,’ ” said Curtis. 바카라사이트

The potential Freaky Friday continuation would check a re-visitation of studio filmmaking for Lohan, who during the 2000s was among the greater youthful stars of the time. As of late, she has been getting back in the game with a two-picture bargain at Netflix that incorporated the romantic comedy Succumbing to Christmas.

Expressed Lohan to the Hours of a possible spin-off: “Jamie and I are both open to that, so we’re leaving it in the hands that be. We would just make something that individuals would totally revere.”

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