Grins, Reason And ‘pickling:’ Julia Roberts Talks Ageless Excellence In English Vogue

With her particular megawatt grin and immortal style, Julia Roberts may be a delight symbol, yet she doesn’t make too much of herself.

At the point when asked in another meeting with English Vogue what keeps her looking young at 56, the entertainer answered with a wry mind. 안전놀이터

“Pickling. I put my head in the container each and every Saturday for 18 hours. It does ponders,” she kidded. “The smell is terrible.” 메이저사이트

Roberts is on the front of English Vogue’s February issue. In a relating interview for the magazine with “Notting Slope” screenwriter Richard Curtis, she discusses imperishable excellence, the “women’s activist” decisions she’s made in her profession and how it feels to be quite possibly of the most renowned face in Hollywood. 슬롯

Jokes to the side, Roberts says the way to energy is in individuals and encounters that make up her life. Obviously, hereditary qualities helps as well.

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