Hungarian and Clean ranchers stage fight on line with Ukraine

Hungarian ranchers have coordinated a dissent close to the Záhony designated spot on the line with Ukraine, contradicting the European Commission’s choice to expand obligation free imports of Ukrainian items for one more year.

Source: Hungarian business outlet Világgazdaság, revealed by European Pravda

Subtleties: Farm haulers and different sorts of rural hardware extended for many meters close to the Hungarian-Ukrainian boundary.

The exhibit was coordinated by the Relationship of Cultivating Cooperatives in Hungary (Magosz) and the Public Office of Agribusiness, which consider the European Commission’s choice unsuitable. 메이저사이트

Hungarian ranchers demand that items coming from outside the European Association ought to be dependent upon similar standards as EU ranchers, and Brussels ought to safeguard the interests of its own ranchers “as opposed to attempting to annihilate the European field with its actions”. 메이저놀이터

The dissidents additionally said that Ukraine traded GMO food sources and they went against this. They are persuaded that “Ukraine can annihilate European agribusiness” and that numerous food makers and processors in the EU could fail because of the stockpile of Ukrainian products. 바카라

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