Hwang Minhyun Is A Reclusive Genius Hiding A Secret In New Drama “My Lovely Liar”

South Korean link network tvN has delivered another secret for its impending K-show series My Wonderful Liar.

My Wonderful Liar is set to star Stream Where the Moon Rises entertainer Kim So-hyun as Mok Sol-hee, a lady with an exceptional capacity to hear lies. Previous NU’EST part Hwang Min-hyun stars inverse her as Sol-hee’s strange neighbor Kim Do-ha.

The new secret for My Wonderful Liar opens with scenes from Sol-hee’s life as an expert falsehood finder. “So it seems like you can figure out if something’s valid or misleading by simply hearing it?” somebody asks her, to which she answers: “Assuming that I say it’s thus, it presumably is.” 메이저사이트 바카라

Be that as it may, toward the finish of the clasp, Sol-hee chances upon and is baffled by a strange concealed man, who is dressed head to toe in dark trying to conceal his character.

My Exquisite Liar is set to debut July 24 on tvN. Streaming and worldwide accessible of the impending K-show presently can’t seem to be declared. 바카라사이트

Last year, Hwang Min-hyun featured in tvN’s famous dream outfit K-show series Speculative chemistry of Spirits. In the mean time, My Exquisite Liar will be Kim Do-ha’s most memorable driving job since showing up in Season 2 of Netflix’s Affection Caution.

In other K-show news, creation organization No. 3 Pictures has reported that it is dealing with a side project of famous Young men’s Adoration series Unexpected Romantic tale.

No. 3 Pictures presently can’t seem to report a title for the impending Inadvertent Romantic tale spin-off nor the new show’s plot. It is likewise indistinct if unique entertainers Gongchan and Cha Website optimization won will return.

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