‘I Couldn’t Afford To Slack Off When I Was Younger’: Ji Chang-wook On How Things Got Better In Showbiz For Him

Taking a gander at Ji Chang-wook’s energetic looks, it’s difficult to envision him with 16 years of acting experience added to his repertoire, yet his onscreen debut was back in 2006 with the film Day. 온라인카지노 신규사이트

In a new meeting with AsiaOne, the 35-year-old examined how being in showbiz has gotten simpler for him.

“A while ago when I was more youthful, rivalry in the acting business was areas of strength for exceptionally I was unable to bear to relax. I feel more quiet now,” he said. “Yet, feeling quiet doesn’t mean representing my jobs has gotten more straightforward.

“Rather, I can now stand to contemplate my jobs from different viewpoints, while likewise talking about with the chief and my associates on set while shooting.” 슬롯머신 슬롯게임

In spite of a profession spreading over very nearly twenty years, Chang-wook keeps on seeking senior partners for guidance. He has affectionate recollections of recording with veteran entertainer Sung Dong-il for their most recent K-show If You Wish Upon Me.

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