Ilia Malinin Nails Six Fourfold Leaps And Leads US Group’s Staggering Exhibition At Universes

MONTREAL — With the following Winter Olympics closer than the last, the U.S. Figure skating crew, drove by 19-year-old hopping wunderkind Ilia Malinin, conveyed its most noteworthy big showdown execution in almost 20 years, an improvement that could make next to no difference when the 2026 Milan Games start, or could mean the world. 안전놀이터

Malinin, the child of Olympians and self-depicted “Quad God,” shocked the 2024 big showdowns with the best athletic presentation in figure skating history Saturday night, releasing six glorious fourfold leaps, getting the most elevated long program score at any point granted and effectively coming out on top for his most memorable big showdown. 신규사이트

“I’m still in shock. I actually can’t completely accept that I did this,” he expressed over an hour after he had made it happen. “At the point when I got into the beginning position, I realized this could be the best skate of my life or it could turn out badly. So I recently thought, monitor myself and attempt to go after everything.” 메이저놀이터

One quad prompted another, then another. He was rolling them out, his Huck Finn locks flying to a great extent, a flexible youth growing up before our eyes.

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