Im Siwan, Park Bo Gum, And Cast Of “All Of Us Are Dead” Show Support For Yeo Jin Goo And Cho Yi Hyun’s Upcoming Film “Ditto”

elebrities have shared their fervor for the impending film “Same”!

Following the celebrity screening of “Same,” Im Siwan took to Instagram on November 9 to impart a photograph of him to Stop Bo Gum before the film’s banner.

Entertainer Im Jae Hyuk likewise shared on his Instagram Stories a photograph of the “We all Are Dead” cast including Lomon, Park Ji Hu, Yoon Chan Youthful, and Yoo In Soo at the celebrity screening to help Cho Yi Hyun. 메이저사이트 바카라

“Same” is an account of affection and fellowship between two undergrads from various time spans who incidentally start to speak through walkie-talkies. Yeo Jin Goo plays Yong, a school senior living in 1999, while Cho Yi Hyun plays Moo Nee, a second-year understudy living in 2022. Kim Hye Yoon, Na In Charm, and Bae In Hyuk make up the remainder of the cast of twenty to thirty year olds and Gen Z-ers, who will meet up in this account of ageless love. 바카라사이트 슬롯게임

“Same” is planned to debut on November 16. Look at a secret for the film here!

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