In ‘Juvenile Justice,’ A Judge Must Deliver Justice Despite Her Own Bias

Kim Hye-soo plays a judge who detests juvenile offenders.

At what age do you become responsible for the crimes you commit? That depends on the laws of the country you live in. In Canada, for example, the age of responsibility is legally 12, in the US it varies by state, and in Belgium it’s 18.

In South Korea, the law governing juveniles has two parts. Criminals under 14 are not subject to a criminal penalty—even if their crime involves theft or assault—and instead are placed under the protection of the court. Older offenders, 14 to 19 can get prison sentences. 메이저사이트 바카라

Judges are called on to manage the rehabilitation of offenders under 14 and sentence those older. In the Korean drama Juvenile Justice, one of those judges is Sim Eun-suk, played by Kim Hye-soo. She seems an unlikely judge to be meriting out justice to juveniles since she is hardly impartial. She blatantly states that she detests juvenile offenders.

She’s called Judge Max, because those who face her in court are likely to get the maximum sentence. Despite her scorn, she is interested in justice and will even step outside her courtroom to be sure that the right person is being tried for the crime. She gets some help from her fellow judge Cha Tae-ju, played by Kim Moo-yul but her methods face opposition from higher-ups, including her boss Kang Won-jung, played by Lee Sung-min. 슬롯 슬롯게임

Although both dramas place Kim Hye-soo in a courtroom, she plays a very different character in Juvenile Justice than she did in Hyena. In Hyena she was a brash and boldly competitive lawyer. Her character in Juvenile Justice is aloof, almost chilly and some of her actions could be described as cruel.

Be warned, Juvenile Justice does not spare details when it comes to describing the horrible crimes juveniles can commit or the crimes they may be victims of. While Eun-suk will seek the truth behind a series of juvenile court cases, the most riveting mystery may be finding out how she became the person she is today and why she hates juvenile offenders.

Kim is best known for her roles in the hit drama Signal and and the films The Day I Died: Undisclosed Case and Coin Locker Girl. Whatever role she takes on, she’s always a compelling actress to watch.

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