Iranian Specialists Tension ‘Basic Zone’ Chief Ali Ahmadzadeh To Take Out Of Locarno Film Celebration

Ali Ahmadzadeh, head of Locarno contest title “Basic Zone,” is under danger from Iran’s service of safety.

The film, shot without Iranian specialists’ consent before the “Lady, Life, Opportunity” upset in Iran, is charged as a creative reflection on the outrage and the fury of the youthful age of Iranians. 신규사이트

“Directed by the voice of his GPS, Amir explores the hidden world regions of Tehran to comfort the pained spirits of the evening,” peruses the movie’s portrayal in the Locarno program. 슬롯사이트

“Rather than entertainers, I worked with genuine individuals. By and large, we needed to conceal the camera or track down confounded stunts to work around the limits. Making this film was a major insubordination. Showing it implies a significantly greater triumph for us,” Ahmadzadeh said in his chief’s explanation. 슬롯머신

Ahmadzadeh has been feeling the squeeze from the security administration to show them the movie and pull it from Locarno, the producers said, adding that the chief has been obstructed from getting a visa and prohibited from leaving Iran by the Iranian specialists.

Deals specialist Luxbox and the maker, Sina Ataeian Dena, have gotten undermining messages and messages requesting to take out the film.

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