John Cena Gives Out Ensemble Plan Oscar In His ‘birthday Suit’

John Cena in a real sense exposed everything at the Oscars on Sunday.

The entertainer showed up in front of an audience during the broadcast to introduce the honor for best outfit configuration cleverly seeming to not wear anything by any means. 안전놀이터

No, Cena showed up on the stage at the year’s most renowned occasion in Hollywood… on the whole bare.

The show’s host Jimmy Kimmel set up the piece by sharing a tad of Oscars history, gesturing to the 1974 Foundation Grants when a streaker stumbled into the stage. Kimmel facetiously said, “Might you at any point envision in the event that a bare man stumbled into the stage today? Couldn’t excessively be insane?” 메이저사이트

From the edge of the stage, Cena looked his head out and told Kimmel he would have rather not “do the streaker nibbled any longer.” 바카라

“It’s an exquisite occasion. Truly, you ought to feel embarrassed right now for proposing such a bland thought,” Cena griped. “The male body isn’t a joke!”

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