Kim Ji Won And Son Suk Ku Finally Go On A Proper Date In “My Liberation Notes”

Kim Ji Won and Son Suk Ku have at long last tracked down their direction back into one another’s lives on “My Liberation Notes”!

On the past episode of “My Liberation Notes,” the “love couple” cheerfully rejoined finally when Mr. Gu (Son Suk Ku) at long last assembled up the mental fortitude to call Yeom Mi Jung (Kim Ji Won) first. 온라인카지노 슬롯게임

In recently let stills out of the show’s impending episode, Mr. Gu and Yeom Mi Jung at last get to know each other in the wake of having been hopeless all alone for a really long time. Eminently, while they recently hung out at Mr. Gu’s home or simply strolling along the streets of Sanpo, the couple presently snatches food outside and goes out to shop on delightful conventional dates, very much like some other couple. 슬롯게임 슬롯하는법

Nonetheless, one bunch of photographs catches the pair looking at one another unfortunately in the midst of the falling snow, bringing up the issue of what sort of sorrow lies coming up for this long-isolated couple.

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