Kim Rae Won And Lee Jong Suk Must Save Their City In Upcoming Action Thriller Film “Decibel”

New stills for the activity pressed film “Decibel” have been delivered!

“Decibel” (strict title) is an activity thrill ride film about a psychological oppressor who needs to establish a bomb that answers sound in the city and a previous Naval force leader who turns into the objective of the fear monger danger. Kim Rae Won plays the previous Naval force leader, while Lee Jong Suk plays a Naval force commander who is savagely faithful to the team of his submarine. 메이저사이트 바카라

The new photographs are overflowing with strain and struggle. From simply the characters’ demeanors, one can make a very decent estimate at the sheer difficult situation these characters are confronting. 바카라사이트 슬롯게임

The principal photograph shows Kim Rae Won picking up the telephone with an apprehensive articulation as he comes to realize that he is the objective of this psychological oppressor assault. Then, there is Lee Jong Suk holding the key to the city bombarding that is going to happen. He wears a tactical armor and holds a detonator, provoking the interest of watchers.

Shots of the extraordinary journalist, played by Jung Sang Hoon, raise sensations of trepidation as he goes with Kim Rae Won around the city in the midst of rising pressures from the approaching psychological militant assault. Both the characters and watchers can’t understand what will occur straightaway, with all of their moves holding a tremendous weight.

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