Kim Sejeong And Nam Yoon Su Get Jokingly Competitive While Filming “Today’s Webtoon”

“The present Webtoon” has shared a glance at Kim Sejeong and Nam Yoon Su’s cutthroat sides!

A Korean redo of the famous 2016 Japanese series “Sleepeeer Hit!”, “The present Webtoon” is a SBS show set against the scenery of South Korea’s cutthroat webtoon industry. Kim Sejeong stars as On Ma Eum, a previous judo competitor who joins a webtoon publication office as another representative and battles to develop into a genuine supervisor. 메이저사이트 바카라

The clasp gets going with Kim Sejeong and Kim Do Hoon showing each other their ensemble cosmetics for their on-screen wounds. They keep on shooting the scene where Kim Sejeong’s personality interferes with Kim Do Hoon and the two entertainers chuckle over Kim Do Hoon’s drawing of his co-star.

Afterward, Kim Sejeong, Nam Yoon Su, and Choi Daniel get together for their webtoon camp. In the middle between takes, Choi Daniel makes fun of his lesser entertainers, in any event, pushing the mic towards Nam Yoon Su and requesting that he sing. As Nam Yoon Su sets himself up, Choi Daniel moves pulled away, leaving Nam Yoon Su in shock and Kim Sejeong in an attack of chuckling. 슬롯 하는법 바카라사이트

On the last day of camp, Kim Sejeong and Nam Yoon Su are outside for their race scene where the washout needs to purchase espresso. After the two film various running scenes, Kim Sejeong sits down and remarks, “I can’t run presently like I used to… It’s so tiring. Kindly save me.” Referring to her age, Kim Sejeong adds, “This isn’t something for me to say, however I presently understand what it implies that every year feels unique.”

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