Lee Se Hee Is Offended By EXO’s D.O’s. Strength In Energizing “Bad Prosecutor” Mystery

EXO’s D.O. Will change into a “Terrible Examiner” in the impending KBS 2TV show!

“Terrible Examiner” is another show about an uncouth examiner with delinquent propensities who has faith in battling for equity no holds barred. D.O. Will star as Jin Jung, the nominal “awful examiner” still up in the air to bring down those that utilization riches and influence to live exempt from the rules that everyone else follows, while Lee Se Hee will star as senior investigator Shin Ah Ra. 메이저사이트 바카라

On September 16, “Terrible Examiner” imparted another secret that beginnings to Jin Jung strikingly kicking down the way to Shin Ah Ra’s office. Behind the scenes, a journalist discusses a dubious homicide case that wasn’t deliberately indicted eve after the capture of a probable suspect. Jin Jung streaks a furious check out the room as his voiceover claims, “These mongrels continue going too far on the grounds that we’re choosing to disregard. This time, I’ll put every one of you in the slammer.”

Jin Jung wears an incredibly naughty appearance all over as he joyfully obliterates the room. Shin Ah Ra gets back to her office, and her jaw drops when she sees the wreck. Jin Jung shows up from behind her work area and welcomes her as though he hasn’t recently demolished her property. Shin Ah Ra is totally staggered as she checks out the harm. She hollers, “Who in the world would you say you are?” Jin Jung answers, “Me? An examiner.” His shrewd sneer guarantees reviving equity and causes watchers to expect his job as another sort of legend. 바카라사이트 슬롯게임

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