Lee Se Young Is Confused By Lee Seung Gi’s Behavior In New Teaser For KBS’ Law Cafe’

On August 16th, KBS 2TV’s new Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Law Cafe’ released the second teaser containing the ambitious aspirations of successful and chaotic lawyer Kim Yuri (Lee Se Young). ‘Law Cafe’, which is scheduled to air on September 5, is a raw romance drama about former prosecutor Kim Jong Ho and lawyer tenant Kim Yuri. It is an adaptation of the web novel by Noh Seung Ah, which has recorded more than 25 million views, into a drama. 메이저사이트 바카라

In the 2nd teaser introducing the character Kim Yu Ri (Lee Se Young), a passionate woman who is good at things she likes which are fashion, justice and dreams, was revealed. Kim Yuri, who introduced herself, made a strong first impression with her leopard print shirt inside her solemn courtroom. Then, she fluttered the hem of her jacket, revealing the aspect of a lawyer who does not hesitate to fight fiercely with her opponent’s lawyer. 바카라사이트 슬롯게임

In particular, Kim Yuri said, “The industry calls me the queen of defeat,” and she showed an unbreakable force and unbreakable conviction. However, she soon had a resignation party for ‘Hwang Angu’ in which everyone cheered except for Kim Jong Ho, and Kim Yuri, who was thinking about it, said, “Ha. He’s so absurd,” she said stunned.

Finally, when she was asked, ‘What is your relationship with the building owner?’, Yuri Kim said, “My friend, a man who can’t help me, is avoiding me!” Kim Yu Ri, who continued to chase after Kim Jong Ho (Lee Seung Gi), who disappeared like the wind, appeared and announced the formidable confrontation. Kim Jong Ho runs away and Kim Yuri is chasing, and she asks, “Do you know why he is avoiding me?”

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