My Name Star Han So Hee To Appear In BTS’ Jungkook’s Solo Music Video?

Entertainer Han So Hee and BTS part Jungkook were spotted getting back from abroad at the Incheon air terminal simultaneously. BTS ARMYs began estimating a potential coordinated effort between Han So Hee and the maknae Jungkook.

Is Han So Hee teaming up with BTS’ Jungkook?
Han So Hee and BTS part Jungkook were seen getting back home around the same time in the wake of finishing their abroad timetable. This occurrence has worked up gossip among the two fandoms of Han So Hee’s fans and ARMYs. They are foreseeing a possible coordinated effort between the two stars. On June 22, Han So Hee was found in a charming air terminal look, which fans are going off the deep end about. The In any case entertainer Han So Hee went all dark with a cylinder top, hot jeans, and fishnet stockings. As Jungkook was spotted at the air terminal during a similar timetable as Han So Hee, fans expect she could show up in one of Jungkook’s independent music video projects. BTS’ Jungkook’s most expected performance debut collection is really taking shape, in any case, neither the delivery dates or coordinated effort subtleties have been uncovered. 메이저사이트 바카라

Jungkook’s Performance Introduction Collection
BTS’ Jungkook is getting ready for his performance presentation and fans are excessively eager to hear it. BIGHIT MUSIC affirmed on May 9 that the STAY ALIVE artist will be delivering his most memorable independent collection very soon, the date of delivery would be affirmed soon. The maknae has been going on worldwide outings and fans accept it is for recording his new collection or shooting a music video. A music pundit Kim Youthful Dae got an opportunity to pay attention to a couple of melodies on Jungkook’s independent collection, in his survey he lauded Jungkook’s abilities and named his voice to be the trendiest among the BTS individuals. Kim Youthful Dae says that the tunes are very great with a R&B and American pop energy and can possibly assume control over the U.S. Graphs. The Visionaries vocalist’s profile on the Melon music stage and the class of the specialists’ music included POP, Ditty, RnB/Soul, fans are prepared for his collection and can not stand by to hear it. 바카라사이트

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