North Korea’s Kim promises to ‘clasp hands’ with Putin for vital collaboration

SEOUL (Reuters) – North Korean pioneer Kim Jong Un has promised to “clasp hands” with Russian President Vladimir Putin and support vital collaboration on their common objective of building a strong nation, state media KCNA investigated Monday.

Kim made the vow in a message to Putin denoting Russia’s Public Day, shielding his choice to attack Ukraine and showing “full help and fortitude.” 안전공원

“Equity makes certain to win and the Russian public will keep on adding greatness to the historical backdrop of triumph,” Kim said in the message distributed by KCNA. 슬롯게임

Kim called for “closer essential participation” with Moscow, “clasping hands immovably with the Russian president, in similarity with the normal craving of the people groups of the two nations to satisfy the fabulous objective of building a strong country,” it added. 온라인슬롯

North Korea has looked to produce nearer attaches with the Kremlin and supported Moscow after it attacked Ukraine last year, accusing the “domineering strategy” and “overbearingness” of the US and the West.

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