‘Now He Gotta Pay For The Damages’: Popeyes Worker Trashes Store After Allegedly Not Getting Paid For A Month

A Popeyes representative and her colleague turned into a web sensation on TikTok after she posted a video of him obliterating their Chicago, Illinois, store.

In the stuck video, which has been seen multiple times since being posted yesterday, client Sarah (@itsrah26) said her colleague had not been paid in a month.

The video shows him unloading bits of crude chicken and boxes of frozen French fries on the floor. He likewise toppled retires and cut the registers’ electric strings.

In the last edge, Sarah showed an unfilled money cabinet on the counter, then panned to a scene outside the café where another store representative should be visible conversing with a cop. “Essentially he got his cash,” the video’s message overlay read. It is indistinct whether her colleague was captured. 메이저사이트 바카라

In the remarks segment, numerous watchers communicated mistrust over the monthlong hole in installment and said they didn’t fault Sarah’s colleague for responding that way. Others asserted he ought to have sued Popeyes all things being equal.

“I grasp his outrage, however presently he most certainly ain’t getting compensated,” one client composed. “This is an enterprise and he might have sued and gotten a decent settlement check.”

“This was most certainly more rewarding than a claim,” one more brought up.

“Presently he will imprison. He might have turned everything so it helps him out and he blew it,” a third regretted.

Others shielded the laborer’s activities, saying nobody knew what was happening. “He could have children at home and all and they’re playing with his cash,” one client shared. “Straight frustrating.” 바카라사이트

“Destroying the spot will do nothing,” one more answered. “Simply report it to the work board.”

A few clients kidded that the store would in any case serve the food tossed on the floor. “They will scoop that chicken up and put it right back in the cooler,” one composed.

The Day to day Speck reached Sarah by means of TikTok remark and Popeyes through voice message, as the organization’s site is down at the hour of distribution.

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