PSY Busts Out All His Dance Moves And Attitude In Hyped ‘Ganji’ Video With Jessi

There are two things you can rely on from each PSY video: the K-pop hotshot shaking fashioner conceals and a breaking out some executioner dance moves. The two components are in full power in the video for “Ganji,” the disposition weighty melody that shows up on the artist’s new collection, Psy ninth. 안전놀이터 메이저사이트

Similarly as with a few other visuals that have been delivered up to this point, this one is shot in picture mode and it opens with Psy — wearing a silver baseball coat, white jeans and white shoes — encompassed by an enormous dance team wearing a comparative red and white variety conspire. They back up the 44-year-old South Korean star’s high-energy moves as he raps, “Ganji, take it/I got appreciation and demeanor/Ganji, take it/I got appreciation and mentality” in the video that dropped on Wednesday (May 11). 메이저놀이터 바카라

In the wake of shaking, shimmying and stepping across a few lodging like sets, rapper Jessi busts onto the scene in a business hot suit and knee-high boots to set out her own demeanor weighty bars. “PSY oppa advised me to get your Korean right/I simply say K, and I do whatever, definitely/I ain’t must attempt It’s my ganji, I was brought into the world with it/Ain’t hitched, however take a gander at my ring/I shimmer much more than most ya/Only sovereign breezies with mimosas at the Mondrian.”

By and by, the pair size each other up, then lift their hands up high for one final arrangement of shoulder shrugging moves.

The new clasp is comparative in subject and energy to another video PSY delivered as of late for the melody “Presently,” his cooperation with Hwa Sa. The couple’s front of the uptempo Jermaine Jackson/Pia Zadora jam initially named “When the Rain Begins to Fall” is additionally loaded up with executioner choreo and brilliant outfits.

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