PSY’s Catchy New Video With Suga Of BTS Smashes Past 100 Million Views

PSY thanks BTS' SUGA and fans as title track 'That That' hits 100 million  views in 1 week | PINKVILLA

Recollect Psy, the South Korean vocalist whose hit single Gangnam Style was wherever in 2012? His new video, That That, emerged on April 29, and it acquires Suga of hit band BTS to perform with Psy in an appealing rivalry. (Suga likewise delivered Psy’s new collection, which is called Psy ninth.) And it didn’t take long for the video to crush its far beyond 100 million perspectives on YouTube. As of May 6, multi week after its delivery, it had acquired in excess of 103 million perspectives. As per All K Pop, it is the quickest music video delivered by a K-Pop demonstration in 2022 to arrive at that achievement. 온라인카지노

Psy starts the video by strolling through the swinging entryways of an Old West cantina and reporting, “2022, Psy returning!” and adding, “Long time, no see, huh?” 안전놀이터

Afterward, Suga jumps into the video wearing a cream-shaded suit, and says, “Bud, you fail to remember how I make ends meet?” The two then, at that point, take part in a rap and dance fight, in any event, having a false battle inside the cantina. (Psy takes a gander at one point, yet he’s ready to make a splash like nothing ever changed in practically no time.) 신규사이트

Fans adored Suga’s sensational entry into the video, rapidly working it into images and tweets. 메이저사이트

In a meeting, Psy and Suga talked about their relationship. Psy said that whenever he first saw BTS perform, “they blew me away.” And Suga adulated Psy for making ready for K-pop in the US.

“We had the option to follow his strides effortlessly,” Suga said.

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