‘Reborn Rich’: Song Joong-ki, Shin Hyun-been And Lee Sang-min Star In Tense New Teasers

South Korean telecom company JTBC has disclosed new person secrets for its impending dream vengeance series Reawakened Rich.

On November 7, JTBC transferred character mysteries for Tune Joong-ki’s (Vincenzo, Relatives of The Sun), Shin Hyun-been’s (Emergency clinic Playlist) and Lee Sang-min’s (The Government agent Gone North) jobs in its impending series, Reawakened Rich.

The new show follows Yoon Hyun-charm, the faithful secretary to the well off family-run combination Sunyang Gathering, drove by patriarch Jin Yang-chul (Lee). After Hyun-charm passes on account of the Jin family, he is renewed as their most youthful child, Jin Do-joon (tune), and vows to assume control over the organization as retribution. 메이저사이트 바카라

In his subsequent life, Do-joon before long experiences the tenacious examiner Search engine optimization Min-youthful (Shin), who explores debasement cases. He before long attempts to collaborate with her to break the greatest instance of her profession trying to bring down the Jin family.

Every one of the new person trailers uncovers their expectations and characters. Do-joon first shows up as a cordial and nice young fellow in his clasp, later uncovering his expectations to take over Sunyang Gathering powerfully.

In her clasp, Min-youthful is baffled from being disparaged by her male associates at work. She later meets Do-joon, asking him: “Are you going to jump into the progression fight vigorously? Utilizing me?” 바카라사이트 슬롯게임

In the mean time, Jin Yang-chul’s crave cash radiates through in his trailer, in which he announces that “cash is everything” while at the same time flaunting his riches. Notwithstanding, he later gives off an impression of being confronted with the tension of exploring a troublesome agreement.

Renewed Rich will debut on November 18 on JTBC, and will air on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 10:30PM KST. The series will likewise be accessible to stream on Viu soon after episodes air in South Korea.

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