Returning to Park Bo-gum’s Encounter With Song Hye-kyo: A Slow-consume Of An Intensely Absorbing, Healing Romance

There are a few shows that start like a light breeze — something to abide the hours — yet leisurely develop into a twister of feelings that sucks you in. Park Bo-gum and Song Hye-kyo’s Encounter is one of them, a saccharine yet engrossing story of a man, becoming hopelessly enamored with a lady a lot more seasoned than him – a CEO of an organization, no less. It was fascinating to see the jobs switched; in K-shows it’s generally the man in firm covers and smooth hairdos peering down at the apparently standard lady who is only a pinion in the corporate machine. It’s much more fascinating to take note of that in the male-driven dramatizations, the male CEO don’t confront the fire for being involved with a lady in the organization, while she faces analysis. Briefly I contemplated whether the example would be different here, with the exception of Song Hye-kyo’s personality kept on confronting fire from everybody for ‘dating a more youthful man’, while Park Bo-gum was saluted as though it was a significant accomplishment. So with everything taken into account, the lady actually endures. 메이저사이트 바카라

In any case, Encounter is stylishly satisfying, and calming concerning its melodic OSTs as well as the delicate science between the charming leads. The story between two outsiders starts in Cuba, with solid Before Sunset energies, where the somewhat controlled Cha Soo-hyun is on a work get-away. Subsequent to being ransacked and losing her shoes, she runs into the unique, ready to go Jin-hyuk and they go through a vital night together, As now is the right time to get back to South Korea, as destiny would have it, Jin-hyuk understands that he will be filling in as her subordinate. Gradually, they develop from a dubious more-than-companionship attach to a cozy relationship in a fairly healthy way — from enjoying ramen (the K-world’s variant of being a tease), to headache soups, and making sand-palaces. 바카라 규칙 슬롯머신

No romantic tale is without challenges and detestable individuals obviously and picturing a K-show without the quintessential scheming villains would be somewhat unimaginable. For this situation, it is Cha Soo-hyun’s previous mother by marriage, another noticeable money manager. Evil is as shrewd does, and she is not exactly satisfied about her ex girl in-regulation’s new fire. Notwithstanding, after a point her part in the story lessens as the internal conflict in Cha Soo-hyun herself starts to collapse and she stresses over the thing scene is she hauling Jin-hyuk into. All things considered, after a few tears, it’s the ideal opportunity for a cheerful get-together. The story is very essential, yet the force of the leads makes it an engaging watch, with calm, heart-ringing show, compared with encouraging melodic South American instrumentals.

Experience is one of Park Bo-gum’s ideal and most charming exhibitions, considerably more significant than Record Of Youth, in light of the fact that without seeming like the male hyper pixie, he really appeared to resemble your desired individual to spend time with. He knows the best eateries for food, and some way or another consistently knows how to encourage an individual — you would need him around in the event that you have a terrible day. His dynamic character filled in as a soothing equilibrium to Song Hye-kyo’s imperative — one of a handful of the jobs where she acted out with her eyes, as opposed to allowing weighty piece to drive the story.

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