Somali Digital TV’s chief Nur killed in self-destruction impact.

tributes have been paid to a conspicuous Somali television columnist after he was killed in a self destruction besieging at an eatery in the capital, Mogadishu. Abdifatah Moalim Nur, famously known as Qays, 슬롯게임

Somali police confined Mohamed, a manager with the exclusive Kaab television and the data and common freedoms secretary for the nearby press privileges bunch Somali Writers Organization, on August 17, 안전놀이터

The reports show a few setbacks from the impact at Blue Sky bistro, including the demise of a Somali Satellite television named Abdifitah Moalim Nur famously known as [Qays]. Police affirmed just the television 안전공원

Brought into the world toward the beginning of Somalia’s affable conflict, Maryan Ali Mohamed longed for one day performing live in front of an audience. Presently, the 33-year-old

The Somali media scene is likewise divided, with various outlets going after consideration and devotees, which can make it hard to recognize and counter mis-and disinformation and

A while ago when communicated TV was first exchanging over from simple to computerize the vast majority required … The equipment incorporates a Thompson television tuner, IR beneficiary for the controller, and the

Presently, the best way to get free, over-the-air TV is with a Television outfitted with a radio wire and either a computerized tuner or an advanced converter box. On the off chance that you’re prepared for DTV yet are still

Ubah Ali is a journalist for WCCO-television and the main Somali American television correspondent in the Twin Urban communities. Minnesota has the biggest Somali populace beyond Somalia. However, it isn’t up to this point that the

Minnesota’s Somali people group raised $150,000 through the Helpful African Alleviation Association for youngsters in the Horn of

A neighborhood entrepreneur is sorting out the subsequent stages after cheats broke in and took a huge number of dollars’ worth of product. Part of the wrongdoing at UGA

In the wake of completing secondary school, Mr. Hassan enlisted at the Mogadishu grounds of the College of Science and Innovation, Yemen. He got a college degree in Media and Advertising in 2007.

She additionally impacted the world forever. The 27-year-old who was brought up in Rochester is the primary Somali-American to turn into a live columnist in the Twin Urban areas television market. “It’s a squeeze me second,” she said …

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