‘They called me a slave’: Witness declaration uncovered claimed RSF-drove mission to oppress people in Sudan

The following story appeared in The Morning Call on Veterans Day, Nov. 11, 2008, as part of a series of stories by former editor David Vendetta in his award-winning series “War Stories: In Their Own Words.” We are reprinting the story in recognition of this year’s Veterans Day commemoration. 온라인카지노

Warren” Jake” Fegely grew up in Allentown, quit school in eighth grade and joined the Navy in 1943 at age 17. Fegely was 83 years old in 2008 when he recalled serving as a radar operator on the aircraft carrier USS Intrepid. 안전놀이터

His story begins late on the night of Feb. 16, 1944, with the Intrepid near Turk in the Pacific’s Caroline Islands.

I had just got off radar duty. About midnight, I went up topside and I’m standing on what they call the galley deck, which was several feet below the flight deck and had a safety cable along the side. I was leaning on this cable, looking up at the sky. It was quiet and beautiful. 슬롯 하는법

I was supposed to be in my sack, but I just thought I’d go up and get some air. I knew there were enemy planes out there looking for us and that we were zigzagging. We were on Condition One Easy. That means be on your guns but don’t fire until ordered to.

So, I’m out there for about 10 minutes and I hear this motor. I was too stunned to move, so I just stood there and froze.

Here this guy comes right over my head, a Japanese torpedo bomber, and SPLASH. I knew it was an aerial torpedo.

The captain ordered the ship to make an emergency turn, but the torpedo caught us in the rudder. BAM! It rocked us, killed a bunch of guys in the back. I heard them screaming, strapped in their guns.

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