‘They called me a slave’: Witness declaration uncovered claimed RSF-drove mission to oppress people in Sudan

As a now 30-something woman, I’ve been asked about pregnancy and motherhood in pretty much every context imaginable. Even in my 20s, when I was in grad school pulling all-nighters with my thesis and barely remembering to eat or to breathe, I was asked not if, but when, I’d be having a child. 온라인카지노

I was asked at my older sister’s wedding, at academic conferences—especially once I got my PhD, because something had to come next—at pool parties when my belly was rounder than it probably should have been, even in an elevator by a stranger who seemed convinced that riding 5.2 seconds in a tiny metal box with someone entitles you to encroach on their space in all possible ways, including offering unsolicited advice on their uterus. 슬롯게임

And why shouldn’t I get pregnant? I have an incredible husband I’ve loved, lived, and laughed with for 20 years. We have stable work, an appropriately sized home, and a tightly woven support network eager to be involved. Kristina Kasparian (L) pictured with her husband (R). “I’ve been asked about pregnancy and motherhood in pretty much every context imaginable,” says Kristina Kasparian. Kristina Kasparian 온라인바카라

I lied for nearly two decades when people asked me about having a baby. I chose words like “It’s not the right time,” or “We’ll see…” or a very lazy “I don’t know.”

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