Tomorrow X Together: “Our Fans Are Always There By Our Side. That is Why They’re Our Heroes”

Five men dressed like vampiric undertakers glare at the camera as they execute forceful dance moves, blazing a path through a fiery guitar riff. A nihilistic attitude – the kind that comes when you’ve been pushed to your absolute limit and something inside of you has snapped – burns through their eyes, bringing a villainous edge to their expressions.

In the canon of Tomorrow X Together’s ever-striking music videos, it’s a far cry from that of their 2019 debut single ‘Crown’, which found the South Korean five-piece bright, fresh-faced and smiley. The title of the track that accompanies these dark new visuals says it all, though – each cherubic sweetheart of yore has been tainted by life and turned into, as per the new song’s title, a ‘Good Boy Gone Bad’. 온라인카지노 슬롯 하는법

In the time since ‘Crown’’s release, Tomorrow X Together, or TXT, have made their mark as curious genre-hoppers, dabbling in styles from the tropical house-pop of 2019’s ‘Our Summer’ to the darting hyper-pop of 2021’s ‘Frost’. Continuing that trajectory, their sublime new EP ‘minisode 2: Thursday’s Child’, released earlier this week, packs in everything from sparkling synth-pop (‘Thursday’s Child Has Far To Go’) to contemporary R&B (‘Lonely Boy’). 슬롯게임 룰렛

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