Two cerebrums: One envisions excessively, the other not in any way shape or form

Imagining a memory is a typical event for some individuals. A whiff of cinnamon and ginger might whisk you back to your experience growing up kitchen to remember eating newly heated treats, while hearing a specific tune might set off pictures of hitting the dance floor with a unique somebody. 온라인카지노

Mary Wathen has never had that experience. At the point when the 43-year-old specialist from Newent, Britain, heated with her mom, no pictures ring a bell. She can’t picture herself as a kid opening presents, her better half’s face when he proposed, or even the introduction of her youngsters. 안전놀이터

A year ago Wathen discovered that she and her mother use a rare form of processing called aphantasia — their brains don’t form mental images to remember or imagine. (Phantasia is the Greek word for imagination.) “Until recently, I had no idea that other people did see images. I just assumed that everyone was like me,” she said. 메이저놀이터

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