“Unlock My Boss” Achieves Its Highest Ratings Yet As “May I Help You?” Heads Into Final Week On Rise

Both ENA’s “Open My Chief” and MBC’s “May I Help You?” delighted in little lifts in viewership the previous evening!

On December 15, the new show “Open My Chief,” which debuted to a tranquil beginning last week, procured its most noteworthy evaluations yet for its fourth episode. As per Nielsen Korea, the parody thrill ride featuring Chae Jong Hyeop, Park Sung Woong, and Web optimization Eun Soo climbed marginally to a typical cross country rating of 1.2 percent for the evening. 바카라 슬롯

In the mean time, MBC’s “May I Help You?” correspondingly partook in its own humble ascent in viewership in front of the last seven day stretch of its run. The most recent episode of the show featuring Young lady’s Day’s Hyeri and U-KISS’s Lee Jun Youthful acquired a normal cross country rating of 3.3 percent. 슬롯게임 바카라사이트

At last, the 6th portion of “2022 KBS Show Extraordinary” — the one-act show “In My Ashtanga Class” — scored a normal cross country rating of 1.7 percent.

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