Caps and gloves emerge as coldest May beginning around 1950 grasps Chile’s capital locale

Bundled-up mannequins stand in the storefronts on the main shopping avenues off Santiago’s central Plaza de Armas. Straphangers at bus stops clutch steaming coffees and huddle for warmth. On the horizon, views of the Andes are as spectacular as ever, their snow-capped peaks gleaming extra bright after an early-season storm.온라인카지노

Santiago is under a record freeze. After an eight-day “cold wave” pushed through the capital region this week, the average temperature for May dropped to 37 degrees Fahrenheit (2 degrees Celsius) – the coldest since 1950, according to Angélica Guzáman, a meteorologist with the Chilean Meteorologic Directorate.안전놀이터

Thursday marked the coldest day of the year so far, with one weather station notching a frosty 30 degrees.신규사이트

“You have to go out dressed in double layers,” said Rosita Moya, a publicist who spoke with CNN on a frigid Friday morning, the fur-lined hood of her parka turned up. “I had to go searching for my hat.”

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