Cha Eun Woo, Lee Da Hee, And Kim Nam Gil Face An Epic Battle In New Fantasy Drama “Island”

Cha Eun Woo, Lee Da Hee, And Kim Nam Gil Face An Epic Battle In New Fantasy  Drama “Island” | Soompi

TVING’s impending show “Island” has revealed another sneak look of its three leads!

In light of the hit webtoon of a similar name, “Island” is a dream show about a dull mystery concealed on lovely Jeju Island — and individuals who are destined to battle fiendish powers that are attempting to obliterate the world.

Kim Nam Gil will assume the part of Skillet, an undying beast tracker who has been shielding the world from detestable evil spirits for millennia. Lee Da Hee will star as Mi Ho, a chaebol beneficiary and instructor who has a strong strength of which she is ignorant, while ASTRO’s Cha Eun Charm will star as a youthful exorcist cleric known as John.

In recently set stills free from the forthcoming show, Dish — who is depicted as “half human, half beast” — looks tragically at Won Mi Ho, provoking interest regarding how the two injury up snared in each other’s lives. Another photograph catches a really scary side of the person, whose face is blood-scattered from a lethal battle. 메이저사이트 바카라

In the mean time, Won Mi Ho winds up being pursued by devils when she shows up in Jeju. One photograph shows the scared educator taking cover behind a wall, covering her own mouth trying to remain quiet.

At long last, John wears a grave articulation while looking at a prediction displayed to him by an abbot. Subsequent to experiencing the mystery concealed in the prediction, he seems to have decided to follow through with something — and his journey is probably going to lead him directly to Dish and Won Mi Ho. 바카라사이트 슬롯게임

The makers of “Island” prodded, “From Episodes 1 and 2, Kim Nam Gil, who will play a half-human, half-beast; Lee Da Hee, who will remain at the focal point of predetermination as chaebol beneficiary Won Mi Ho; and Cha Eun Charm, who will change into the most youthful exorcist cleric; will find their destinies trapped with each other, and the story will start on a stupendous scale.”

“On top of the baffling yet lovely Jeju scene, the three primary characters will leave on a perilous hurricane of an excursion to go head to head against the shrewd that goes after the island,” they proceeded. “There will be tension and fun components that are not quite the same as the first webtoon, so kindly show bunches of interest and expectation.”

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