Jung Hae-in Stars In Forthcoming KDrama Series “Connect”

A Star Unique series accessible solely on Disney+, Associate stars Jung Hae-in as Ha Dong-soo – another kind of undying human known as ‘Associate’, who is grabbed by a pack of organ gatherers not entirely settled to take his eyes. After unexpectedly awakening on a surgical table mostly through the medical procedure, Dong-soo can escape with one eye remaining and later finds that he can in any case see out of his missing eye, which is presently being utilized by a chronic executioner who has been threatening the occupants of Seoul. Not entirely settled to get back what was taken, Dong-soo will seek after the executioner, making anything strides are important to restore himself once more. 메이저사이트 바카라

Watchers all over the planet will actually want to see a novel joint effort in Interface between productive Japanese chief Miike Takashi (Tryout, Ichi the Executioner, Gozu) who is coordinating his most memorable Korean series, and an elite player cast of Korean ability, remembering Jung Hae-for (Snowdrop, D.P., Tune in for Adoration) as Ha Dongs-oo, Ko Kyung-pyo (Answer 1988, Seoul Energy, Chicago Typewriter) as chronic executioner Goodness Jin-seop, and Kim Hye-jun (Realm, Reviewer Koo, Wedding Confusion) as the baffling Irang. 바카라사이트 슬롯게임

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