Lee Byung Hun, Im Siwan, Song Kang Ho, Jeon Do Yeon, Kim Nam Gil, And More Collide In New Disaster Film “Crisis Declaration”

“Crisis Declaration” has uncovered emotional new banners of its elegant cast!

Coordinated by Han Jae Rim, “Crisis Declaration” is a forthcoming catastrophe film about the uncommon disasters that emerge when a psychological militant danger is made against a looming flight.

The recently delivered banners put the focus on the seven primary characters, every one of whom assumes an alternate part in the confusion that unfurls. Tune Kang Ho’s banner catches the surrender all expectations regarding his personality In Ho, a veteran criminal investigator examining the fear based oppressor danger, in the stunning second when he understands the plane referenced in the danger is the one his significant other has quite recently loaded up. 메이저사이트 바카라

Lee Byung Hun’s banner presents his personality Jae Hyuk, who is venturing out to Hawaii with his young little girl to seek treatment for her atopic dermatitis. At the point when everything goes south for mid-flight, Jae not entirely settled to protect his girl come what may.

Jeon Do Yeon will star in the film as Sook Hee, South Korea’s Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transportation, who feels serious areas of strength for an of obligation to protect her residents.

Kim Nam Gil will play Hyun Soo, the main official (or second pilot) of the plane wherein the emergency breaks out. In any event, when confronted with a crisis not at all like anything he’s taken care of previously, Hyun Soo remains on track as he gives his best for deflect calamity. 바카라사이트 슬롯사이트

At last, Park Hae Joon’s personality Tae Soo, the top of the public authority’s emergency the executives community, gives a valiant effort to keep quiet and guide those on the plane to somewhere safe as they face what is going on.

“Crisis Declaration” hits theaters in South Korea on August 3.

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