Lee Dong Geun Announces Marriage To Former Idol Juha

Sportscaster Lee Dong Geun and previous Sovereign B’Z part Juha are sealing the deal!

On December 2, Lee Dong Geun took to Instagram to officially declare the blissful news that he and Juha were getting hitched.

As well as sharing a delightful photograph from their wedding shoot, the sportscaster posted the accompanying message:

I’m getting hitched.

I believe the calling of sportscaster to be both a gift and my pride. I’ve found somebody who had the option to adore my work, face, voice, level, wide shoulders, and whatnot. 메이저사이트 바카라

In the wake of meeting the wonderful and chivalrous Juha, I became better genuinely and inwardly. I’ve persuaded connected with to be hitched to somebody who came into my life like a gift.

I’m respected to have the option to impart our satisfaction to every one of you. My hands are shudder with each letter [of this message] that I compose. 바카라사이트 슬롯게임

There are many individuals who have previously given us their congrats. Much obliged to you for giving a shout out to both of us as we make this wonderful excursion.

Earnestly, Lee Dong Geun and Kim Juha

Lee Dong Geun is a sportscaster for KBS N Sports, while Juha, who recently appeared as an individual from the young lady bunch Sovereign B’Z, as of now maintains her own pilates business.

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