Lee Seung-gi Demands Agency Disclose Payment Records, Or Lack Thereof

Artist Lee Seung-gi purportedly requested that his organization Snare Diversion completely unveil his installment records, as per neighborhood amusement media source Dispatch on Monday.

Likewise as per the report, Lee, who has been a famous vocalist since his presentation in 2004, has not gotten any installment for the computerized streams or downloads of his tunes. 메이저사이트 바카라

Lee has emerged with a sum of 137 melodies all through his 18-year profession, a considerable lot of which are still commonly known hits. Lee purportedly sent a letter showing that he ought to have been redressed and requesting that the record proclamation and correct sum be disclosed through his legitimate delegate, law office Bae, Kim and Lee. Snare recently gave an assertion on Friday that it got authoritative records from Lee, before Dispatch revealed Lee’s cases that he got no monetary pay for his music being streamed and downloaded on the web. 바카라사이트 슬롯게임

“In light of the gravity of the issue, we can’t talk anything else about it,” Snare said in Friday’s explanation. “We are attempting to determine the issue with no getting on the two players wrong.”
Snare Diversion’s advertising group couldn’t be gone after remark by the Korea JoongAng Day to day starting around Monday evening. The organization is right now under police examination and was dependent upon a hunt and seizure on Nov. 10. The charges have not yet been unveiled.

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